"A Jolt of Caffeine for the Sluggish PC"

-The New York Times, Sep 18, 2003

a critically acclaimed PC cleaner tool

It's all you need to clean up, maintain and improve the performance of your computer.

  • Junk and temporary files cleaner
  • System Registry cleaner
  • Chrome/IE/Edge/Firefox history cleaner
  • Duplicate file & folder finder; Disk Analysis
  • Secure wipe files, folders, disks
  • MRU history cleaner for over 300 apps
  • Safe, easy, and powerful
  • Many more tools
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Cleaner PC

Junk files could be taking up a lot of space and slowing down your computer. Duplicate files could be robbing your disk space. Ace Utilities helps you remove such files and reclaim disk space.

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Stable PC

Over time, invalid data accumulated in the Registry slows down Windows, compromising PC performance and causing other problems. Ace Utilities removes such errors and defragments the registry making your PC more stable.

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Faster PC

Many applications run itself automatically in the background when you start your PC. Ace Utilities helps you disable such programs and free up precious resources.

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Ensure Privacy

Your PC tracks information about many things that you do with your computer - like the websites you visit using Internet browsers, the media files you view, the documents you read, etc. Ace Utilities erases all these tracks that you've left behind at the click of a button.

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Secure PC

Deleting a file is simple. Recovering that file is, unfortunately, also simple. Let Ace Utilities securely shred files when you no longer need them and wipe the free space in your hard disk making recovery of deleted information impossible.

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Version: 6.6.0, Size: 8.6 MB, Released: May 22, 2021.
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit).






Ace Utilities is an all-in-one application for maintaining computer health. It allows you to perform all the necessary tasks to ensure your machine is operating in tiptop shape."

CNET Download.com: Staff Review

Ace Utilities is a software that comes bundled with all the necessary tools you need to maintain and improve the performance of your computer."

Softpedia: Staff Review

A Jolt of Caffeine for the Sluggish PC."

The New York Times, Sept. 18, 2003